At soXso, we have many years of experience in creating results in a large number of domestic and global businesses, both in Denmark and abroad. A selection of our clients can be seen below: 

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Customer references

“soXso is inspiring to work with, attentive, able to transform complicated issues into something simple and adept at turning thoughts and ideas into action, which is something they do at every level of the organisation.

They are excellent communicators, engaged and passionate about their work, and they also make sure to be physically present when investigating an issue.

It has been a tremendous experience. We are definitely ready for more Lean and will maintain what we have created and continue to build upon it.”

Jan Ditlevsen, Cargo Center Billund

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I have had the pleasure of working with soXso in both Sweden and Germany. Their work is characterised by the following:

  • A very strong commitment to the job with a customer-oriented focus
  • Extensive knowledge about change management, with Lean management as a working tool
  • Hands-on, practical solutions that are both sustainable and future-proof
  • Openness to different cultures and a talent for adapting both the training and implementation to the task and the people who are involved, meaning the production management groups in different countries
  • Energy and initiative
  • An ability to create insights and creative environments even when faced with challenging issues.
  • Being involved in the implementation of processes, and always with a smile.

Johan Nordenblad, HaGe


Die Zusammenarbeit mit soXso, die wir in verschiedenen Gesellschaften des HaGe Konzerns hatten, war stets geprägt von großem Vertrauen, sehr viel Offenheit, Transparenz und vor allem sehr viel Inspiration sowie Engagement. Das soXso Team hat es geschafft unsere Mitarbeiter/innen durch die immer offene und direkte Art zu begeistern und somit „slice the elephant“ zu ermöglichen. Es wurde stets großer Augenmerk auf die Praxistauglichkeit potentieller Lösungen gelegt, wodurch im Ergebnis deutlich schlankere Prozesse entstanden sind, die von Beginn an eine sehr hohe Akzeptanz in der Organisation hatten. Auch bei der Implementierung des LEAN Gedanken in der Kultur der Gesellschaften, der Ausbildung der LEAN Agenten und der LEAN Facilitatoren war die Zusammenarbeit sehr zielführend und Ergebnisorientierung.

Henrik Madsen, Vorstand HaGe + Markus Grimm, ehemaliges Vorstandsmitglied HaGe


“My name is Arne Rantzow and I am the Managing Director of Svenska Foder. Over the last couple of years we have worked together with soXo in connection with our Lean project. We have a long-term contract with soXso that extends over a number of years, where we have recently come halfway through this process. I am truly impressed by soXso’s expertise and work approach. We would never have come this far nor achieved the results we have to date if we had not decided to collaborate with soXso. In addition to their considerable Lean expertise and work approach, their consultants are very pleasant to work with and get along well with all our staff. We have also procured their services for in-depth analyses and implementation of individual projects. 

I can highly recommend soXso, and you are welcome to contact me for more details about our experience working with them.”

Lidköping, Sweden, 1st of June, 2016.

Arne Rantzow, VD Svenska Foder