Lean Admiral (Training level IV)

Spend DKK 80.000 and get a minimum DKK 500.000 in return! The education as Lean Admiral is our most outstanding education. The aim is to educate you to a level so that you independently can carry through a Lean kick-off in new business areas, you can identify a possible potential and you can guide management all the way through the change. 
The admiral is the strategic Lean advisor, who can link the values and the goals of the company with Lean initiatives, employee development and management development. The admiral sets up new standards, and will at any time challenge and be the best adviser for the top management considering improvements and  value adding activities to bring the organization to the next level. The education is focusing on Lean Leadership as a precondition for a successful Lean journey and successful work with the Lean principles. The admiral is the "Sensei" of the organization, that afterwards will be able to educate own Lean Officers and Lean Captains.
The program runs over 10-12 days spread over a period of 3-6 months. During large parts of the program, you will be associated with a personal mentor. The coming Lean Admiral will be faced with the task of identifying and implementing a change within the organization with cash savings of minimum DKK  >  500.000, which is implemented by the time of the exam.  The price of the education is DKK 80.000.