JTI personality analysis

During change processes we experience many different, and sometimes also unexpected, personal reactions. This is because we are all different, and it is good to be aware of these differences when we are implementing changes in an organisation.

The JTI (Jung Type Index) analysis analyses our preferences and provides us with an overview of the personality types we interact with in our working life, which helps us put together the right teams with precisely the strengths we are looking for.

On a personal level, it gives you an insight into your own preferences and reactions, which can help shed light on whether you have the right personality profile to head a major transition. 

In connection with major transformations, we recommend that you analyse your own personality type as well as those of your colleagues in order to ensure that the appropriate people are put in the right positions during what is often a tumultuous period.

At soXso, we are certified in the Jung Type Index as well as the Team Compass, which is based on Jung’s theories.