About soXso

soXso was established in 2004 (under the name of PH-Consult) as a sole proprietorship in response to customer inquiries about Lean lectures, Lean knowledge and Lean transformations.

The name was later changed to soXso, an abbreviation of “solid excellent solutions”. Our experience shows that solid, excellent solutions is precisely what we deliver.

Initially, the company was set up as a side occupation for the two of us, who also worked with Lean in our primary jobs. As our list of clients continued to grow, however, we suddenly had a successful company on our hands that we were able to dedicate ourselves to full-time.

We have now reached a point where we have been joined by several other employees. The company has been strengthened with external consultants who we work closely with on assignments. We also have help around the office with bookkeeping, marketing and events and IT.

As for the future - who knows? We do not have a specific goal such as reaching a certain size or earning X in revenue, but we feel that we have something to contribute to society and its enterprises. We look forward to coming in to work every day and being able to do what we love and believe in for a living. Seeing that our work brings new energy, joy – and not least results – in the organisations we work with means a lot to us.

Lene og Preben Ruge Hildebrandt
Lene og Preben Ruge Hildebrandt

Lene Ruge Hildebrandt, Partner

I obtained my MA in Business Communication (Cand. ling. merc.) in 1999, and was hired as a project manager for LEGO upon my graduation. That is where I was first introduced to Lean, and I found it to be an exciting area to work with. I therefore took courses in becoming a so-called Lean navigator, and eventually became a Lean consultant attached to the LEGO Lean office.

In 2007, I began as a Lean consultant/navigator at Danfoss in its service functions. Later on, I became a Lean training consultant, where among other things I helped establish and develop Danfoss’ Lean academy globally. During my time at Danfoss I also became certified in JTI personality profiles and Situational Leadership.

After my time at Danfoss came to an end, I wanted to work with Lean in the public sector, which is how I ended up as a lecturer and consultant at the International Business College in Denmark. I taught Lean management in practice and management in practice. The consulting dimension of my work mainly entailed implementation of Lean across the local municipalities and administrative region.

I have worked as a self-employed Lean consultant and partner at soXso for the past three years.


Lene Ruge Hildebrandt

Phone: +45 52 24 18 66

E-mail: lene@soxso.dk

 Preben Ruge Hildebrandt, Owner & Managing Director

I completed my education as an electronics technician in 1980 and worked with electronics during my military service, at hospitals around Southern Jutland and at Danfoss. I took a lot of courses at evening school - 8 in all - to prepare myself for a management role. From 1985 and five years onwards, I worked as a production manager / QA manager at Danfoss. In the five years following that, I worked as an HR consultant while taking a Bachelor of Commerce degree in evening school and becoming certified in the Predictive Index personality profiling tool. When it was time to seek new challenges, I moved on to LINAK, working as a product line manager for 8 years.  I then worked three years as a Lean manager at LINAK, dealing with assembly, processing, maintenance, quality, sale and development in Denmark and the USA. While working at LINAK, I established soXso in 2004. I headed both external and internal management training modules and courses at LINAK. 

In 2005, I moved on to a position as Lean director at LEGO, where I dealt with areas such as packing centres, casting bays, QA, procurement, maintenance and product development in Denmark, the USA, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.  It was during my time at LEGO I got my Lean Master degree in DK and UK, taught by Daniel T. Jones, who was the man behind LeanThinking and I became a part of LEGO’s talent programme. In 2008, I became Lean director at DSV, dealing with areas including storage hotels, administration and logistics in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Next up was SE, where I worked as the Lean and group project manager for three years and following that, as director for "Energinet".

I began working full-time as Managing Director in soXso in November 2014.

foto preben redi 2

Preben Ruge Hildebrandt

Phone: +45 42 45 55 70

E-mail: preben@soxso.dk

Our staff

soXso has expanded in the past few years with a number of new faces who are always ready to help. You can find their contact details under Contact.

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Len Ruge Hildebrandt

Bookkeeping & Office

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Kasper Hildebrandt

IT & Web

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Lene Ruge Hildebrandt

Event & Marketing

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May Laurine Sørensen 

External Consultant

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Lene Sillassen

External Consultant