Consulting Services

We offer consulting services, where the focal point is Lean, which is the apple of our eye. We can assist from before the strategic decision is taken, to when the process is up and running in the implementation phase and to the point when the process is ready to be put into operation, and, finally, to help with the follow-up activities. We operate on all organisational levels and we have solid experience working with both the employees that are “on the floor”, to the middle manager, to the top management/manager. 
Our services could be:
  • Sparring about the Lean process strategy, desired goals and initiatives
  • Screening and mapping of areas to define the initiatives with Lean
  • Training the organisation at all levels in both tools and change
  • Lean games and learning through hands-on exercises, where all senses are used
  • Analysis of all the involved parties on the Lean journey
  • Lean workshops on individual Lean Tools
  • Sparring of managers and the organisation on the Lean journey
  • Building visual boards
  • KAIZEN process
We also offer to transform your organisation completely and carry out a full makeover where we implement an intensive turnaround, also 24/7. Contact us for a detailed chat about how the Lean process can be tailored toyour exact needs.

Our approach

The model shows how we typically approach an assignment. Usually, our first step is conducting a so-called value stream analysis, which is our primary analytical tool. The value stream analysis identifies interventions that we aim to follow up on via KPIs and stand-up meetings in order to monitor their progress. We also ensure that both the employees and managers of the organisation are ultimately equipped with the required skills to take over the Lean process and implement continuous improvements (see our training programme under Lean Academy).


Our approach

Our method leads to great results for the organisation, both internally and externally. Internally, the organisation will typically experience higher employee satisfaction due to increased involvement and training, and externally, customers will typically experience the organisation as being more streamlined as a result of its shorter routes of communication, faster delivery and response times and the improved quality of its products and services.

Oyr approach 2